Lost Inns, Taverns & Public Houses

The book is a remarkable record of some 400 public houses, inns and beer houses. The entries are organised into two sections. The first describes the public houses that have been closed since 1919 and includes photographs of the establishments, while the second lists closures from the eighteenth century to the First World War punctuated with photographs where available.

Ganges - Master of Ceremony

Standing on a wooden disc about a foot in diameter and saluting does not sound too much of a challenge, unless it is 143 feet above the ground and you only have a lightning conductor to grip between your knees. This was the job of the button boy at HMS Ganges who had to shin up the last fifteen feet or so to climb on the button during ceremonial parades. The mast has been a local land mark since it was erected at the end of the Shotley peninsular in 1907.

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An Ipswich childhood in the 1920s & 30s.

Childhood memories of Ipswich, around eighty years ago, included playing football in a traffic free street, buying fireworks from the back room of the corner shop, Wallace Simpson’s divorce at the County Hall and buying beer in a jug for father on a hot summers night, came from Ernest Farrow who wrote from his home in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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